“Beyond Empires” Goes Global

IMG_1374Hey Everybody!

Chris’s documentary film, “Beyond Empires is going global! And he’s here to tell you (see how ready he looks here to tell you?!) that the film is now available to purchase for your home or school library or church or conference or special screening party or upcoming birthday—or any place that might need a good story right now.

So please tell a friend or a colleague, or the friend of a colleague. (Or see what others are saying about the film.) Just tell anyone who might be interested in how a 23-year old German Lutheran a long time ago could become a national hero in India 300 years later. Talk about inspiring . . . Find out more HERE!

So many stories, so little time . . .

IMG_1787We love a good story. Who doesn’t? And there are so many to read, watch, hear and pay attention to that it’s hard to keep up (hard in a good way).

So we wanted our brand new web site to make things a little easier for you as we highlight some of our best stories, lead you to some unfamiliar ones and allow us to muse on new ideas. Whether industry updates, new film projects or exciting book or article news, we’ll keep this fish swimming. Or the butter melting. Or maybe the boat floating. And the stories coming. You get the idea. Check back often and comment along the way!

After all, with so many stories and so little time, we need friends like you to join us on each adventure!