Back in the Saddle

After two weeks in Sydney, a week of rehearsals for W;t, and three video projects completed, it’s time for our return to Noosa Heads.  In January we’ll depart Noosa more permanently to our new home in the Sydney suburb of Cammeray. 

How great it feels to be back in the saddle producing short promo films for an institution as remarkable as ADM and the Mary Andrews College.  Here’s the latest effort.

Celebrating Mary Andrews College from Christopher Gilbert on Vimeo.

Serving ADM in Video

Who has heard of the women’s foundation known as Anglican Deaconess Ministries?  Well Sydney Anglicans most likely, but as a remarkable institution of the church serving Christian women to enable them to flourish in their various vocations, it ought to be much better known.  

And so the following video clip was commissioned and Chris privileged to shoot it and edit it even before we began to settle in Sydney.

Celebrate ADM! from Christopher Gilbert on Vimeo.

Lamp Post Media in Sydney

Life often moves more quickly than we plan.  We had no idea that we’d find an apartment in Sydney so soon, and in a location we didn’t think possible. Nor that Lamp Post Media would complete its first Australian commissioned video promo in Sydney, before we’d begun to move.  

Now, we’re in Sydney setting up our apartment for a complete move in January and for two weeks of rehearsals of the play, “W;t.”  Director Jeffery S. Miller is flying in from Boston to start the ball rolling next week.  Five weeks until opening night!  


Indeed a new adventure beginning after arriving in Sydney – following the sense of call in Christ and finding His grace as ever, amazing!