Latest Sight Magazine Feature

Chris has just completed a report on the Christianity and Treaty Conference by Scarred Tree Ministries Saturday May 4, 2019. Together with Jo he will head for the U.S. in a few days for two weeks of mixed work and play with U.S. family – a wedding of a dear niece. Link here to the the Sight Magazine Story: AUSTRALIA: TREATY CONFERENCE PROVIDES UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY FOR A RECONCILING CHURCH

Settled & Working in Sydney

Jo and Chris have settled in Cammeray since January – dog Clark acclimatised as well. Our lives have taken a step up in pace and engagement with the stories that matter to us – Jo producing at least two plays before this year is over and Chris writing for Sight Magazine, teaching English as Second Language in the CBD, and expecting to complete a memoir before the year is out. Here’s his first story for Sight Magazine. THE BIG DRY: HOW AUSTRALIAN CHRISTIANS ARE REACHING OUT IN A “MINISTRY OF TEARS”