An Australian Eye View of John Stott’s Langham Partnership

What kind of mission is it that has sponsored almost 400 majority world leaders through their doctoral studies, published hundreds of book titles and seven Bible Commentaries in the first language of their authors and is training tens of thousands in how to read, teach and preach the Bible in their own language? This past February Chris had opportunity to interview the chair of the Langham Partnership International Council, Jill McGilvray, and CEO Gillean Smiley of Langham Partnership Australia. McGilvray is also chair of the Australian branch.

Riad Kassis with recent Arabic Bible Commentary
Riad Kassis of Langham Partnership, displays Arabic Bible Commentary at its release in 2018

The Outback Historian – Paul Roe

Chris interviewed Paul Roe in late January anticipating his soon to be published memoir. Paul recounts some of his forty plus years discovering the remarkable stories of the unsung and the overlooked people of the outback. So many of these are of national significance and are infused with the inspiration and character influence of Jesus and those who have followed him in this country.

Catching up from first COVID year

Jo and I (Chris) are enjoying our second year at Milsons Point in Sydney having come through a period where COVID itself was among the least of the challenges. I continue teaching international students how to integrate Christian character into their career choice at Excelsia College, while Jo manages the communication team for the uniquely Australian initiative, Baptist World Aid.

And I have recently returned from visiting Noosa Heads in Queensland – with border open at last a first chance to visit family members since March 2020.