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To purchase the video as a digital file for institutional educational use, follow this link to Vimeo

This whole tale unfolds in Gilbert’s new and beautifully wrought documentary ‘Beyond Empires: Why India Still Celebrates Ziegenbalg.’ From period illustrations of missionaries baptizing converts to black-and-white footage from a 1931 reenactment of Ziegenbalg’s landing; from vignettes of Ziegenbalg (played by Mark Stevick) with voiceovers from his journals to interviews with mission scholars; and above all through interviews with contemporary Indians testifying to their affection and gratitude toward Ziegenbalg, this is a story that needs to be seen and heard and retold. It captures mission at its best and gently teaches lessons that privileged Western Christians needs to hear. 

Rev. Dr. Sarah Hinlicky Wilson

“This film retrieves from the sands of time an amazing story. Anyone who wants to deepen their grasp of the history of Christian missions and Western Christian engagement with global cultures ought to consider viewing and pondering it.”

Tal Howard, Director: Center for Faith and Inquiry, Gordon College, Wenham, MA