W;t at Noosa Arts Theatre Dec. 5-8

Alison Chambers leads in perhaps the most beautiful play ever written dealing with cancer and how we respond to it. 

Sponsorship opportunity in staging the play “Wit” this December:

Joining the Dots Theatre Company is local playwright Jo Kadlecek-Gilbert, with Sydney actor, Alison Chambers. In conjunction with the Cancer Council of Queensland,  they’re providing an opportunity for patrons of the arts, medical practices and servicing businesses to help support a Noosa production of a Pulitzer Prize winning play, Wit The play begins as literature professor, Vivienne Bearing, is told that she has stage four ovarian cancer.  She is a John Donne scholar who chooses to undergo treatment for the sake of research, and grapples with her life’s meaning through a line in a sonnet “Death be not proud…”  It’s humorous and poignant. The play runs from December 5th – 8th at Noosa Arts Theatre.

We have enlisted a Boston based director Jeffrey S. Miller and an all professional cast including NIDA and WAAPA grads, and two stage and television actors, Joanna Moore Smith – The Young Doctors, and Ian McKellar of Noosa Alive. We are producing the play to break even, and raise some money for the Cancer Council of Queensland.

Wit is expected to attract 500+ attenders over five performances but will reach many more through local media.  Among our supporters MP’s Sandy Bolton, Fiona Simpson, and Councillor Ingrid Jackson will introduce the various performances.

To keep to budget, we are near halfway towards a necessary $10,000 in sponsorships above ticket sales.  Please consider a sponsorship, which results in a credit in the program, and a mention in the evening “thank you.” A fuller explanation of the play, the why and the how of our production can be found on the Noosa Arts Theatre website.  Sponsorship funds can be paid online (tax deductible) at the profile of this event on our Australian Cultural Fund page.  See the form enclosed/attached.

As I read the script recently it made me laugh out loud and it also had me teary.  People leave the theatre feeling closer to the people they came with. That was my experience in New York City when it first opened in 1999.  Joining the Dots Theatre has a Facebook page URL.        Chris Gilbert

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