Publisher Features Jo on Its Website

NoosapoolOut of its 96 authors, Upper Room Books has featured Jo Kadlecek, author of Woman Overboard: How Passion Saved My Life, this month on its website. Though Jo’s book was published in the fall of 2009, editors at Fresh Air Books, an imprint of Upper Rooms, wanted to highlight a few of its back list authors and their works. Usually, the spot is reserved for new works but Woman Overboard struck a chord in the editorial team.

The featured piece also includes a guest blog post that Jo wrote on transitioning to Australia (hence the swimming pool!): When Passion Makes a Move. We hope you’ll take a look and spread the word about a memoir we think will speak to your own journey of passionate pursuits.

Working Our Muscles

Like exercise, vocational muscles need attention. So here’s a bit of how we’ve been working out with our brains and fingers, typing and thinking, lately:


When he’s not out kayaking, Chris is finishing up a series of study guides for Hendrickson Publishers on the theology of work that he was commissioned to write. A few that he wrote for the series have already been published. And he’s been switching from writing to video editing, finishing two short promotional films for higher education clients in the U.S. The films will be used to promote events from their web sites. Continue reading

The Story of Sport

IMG_1825Here’s Jo at the end of a 2 1/2 hour non-stop hike around a national park a few weeks ago. Whew! It was a good athletic challenge, up hills and across rocky paths. It helped that the day was gorgeous and the scenery amazing. But what made the difference for her was all those years of little league sports, then college club soccer and regular biking and hiking trips. They kept her going!

Chris, too, has been shaped by the story of sport—playing cricket and rugby growing up, and now walking thousands of steps each day—his wrist band keeps track—and kayaking up the river. Continue reading

“Beyond Empires” Goes Global

IMG_1374Hey Everybody!

Chris’s documentary film, “Beyond Empires is going global! And he’s here to tell you (see how ready he looks here to tell you?!) that the film is now available to purchase for your home or school library or church or conference or special screening party or upcoming birthday—or any place that might need a good story right now.

So please tell a friend or a colleague, or the friend of a colleague. (Or see what others are saying about the film.) Just tell anyone who might be interested in how a 23-year old German Lutheran a long time ago could become a national hero in India 300 years later. Talk about inspiring . . . Find out more HERE!

So many stories, so little time . . .

IMG_1787We love a good story. Who doesn’t? And there are so many to read, watch, hear and pay attention to that it’s hard to keep up (hard in a good way).

So we wanted our brand new web site to make things a little easier for you as we highlight some of our best stories, lead you to some unfamiliar ones and allow us to muse on new ideas. Whether industry updates, new film projects or exciting book or article news, we’ll keep this fish swimming. Or the butter melting. Or maybe the boat floating. And the stories coming. You get the idea. Check back often and comment along the way!

After all, with so many stories and so little time, we need friends like you to join us on each adventure!