The Story of Sport

IMG_1825Here’s Jo at the end of a 2 1/2 hour non-stop hike around a national park a few weeks ago. Whew! It was a good athletic challenge, up hills and across rocky paths. It helped that the day was gorgeous and the scenery amazing. But what made the difference for her was all those years of little league sports, then college club soccer and regular biking and hiking trips. They kept her going!

Chris, too, has been shaped by the story of sport—playing cricket and rugby growing up, and now walking thousands of steps each day—his wrist band keeps track—and kayaking up the river. The point is exercise and competition help shape our narratives as much as they energize us to keep telling stories!

So we’re sad that the Women’s World Cup Soccer tournament is over (we got up early to cheer on the Matildas AND the USA!), but we’re thrilled that so many around the world watched WOMEN playing the world’s favorite sport! And we’re equally excited for Jo’s new novel coming out in August, a story that celebrates women’s friendships against the back drop of Title IX sport history. More on When Girls Became Lions soon!